Get cash loan using your gadgets as collateral.

Get your cash upon pick up of your gadget


Need cash right now? Lend Circle provides its customers an opportunity to get cash loan instantly in exchange your gadget. Items can be brought back within loan term. Just fill up the form and get your money straight away!


Fill up the form with all the important details to begin the process.

Our manager will call you and let you know about approved loan amount during the call.

You will instantly receive cash within 2 hours upon pick-up after inspection and signing of loan agreement.

Upon repayment your loan we will give your item back.


We approve all applicants

Unlike traditional lenders, we basethe loan amount on the item/s you can offer. Approval rate is 100% as long as the item is working.

Higher credit limit

Borrowers can trade as many item as he wants. More items, higher credit limit.

Get Cash Instantly

Get cash instantly upon checking your item. No need to claim cash via disbursement channels. Claim cash right away after item inspection.

Get item back within loan term

Get your item back upon repayment your loan.

Data protection

Your data is secured with us. We are serious in maintaining the security and confidentiality of consumer information.

All Electronics Are Welcome

We accept every smart phone, laptop, tablets, TV, and other electronics. Simply fill the form to get started.